Finding a passion for writing and taking an interest in directing from a young age, I have been focused on bringing my ideas to life on the big screen.

Alastair Railton

Director, Editor, Writer and Owner of Fresh AIR

An exemplar of the modern-day 'triple-threat', Mark is an adventurous actor, writer, and producer with a personal belief that all three disciplines can combine to make projects truly worth fighting for.

Mark Wisdom

Producer, Actor, Writer


Adam Sandy

Cinematographer, Colourist

After numerous years working in the commercial film and music content world, Adam Sandy came to work on his first short film as DoP in 2018's 'God’s Broken Things'. Since then he has worked on other films with each picking up numerous awards and screenings on the festival circuit. 


Barry Germansky

Diamond in the Rough Films

BETWEEN THE DIVIDE demonstrates that Alastair Railton is a promising filmmaker who deserves a higher budget for his next film.

Rachel Pullen

UK Film Review

Railton's ability to create mood with lighting is exceptional, and without a Hollywood budget, he still can pack a punch, and create a depth of theatrical enchantment which suits the dramatic nature of the script.

Jolly Moel


Railton has written and directed a very interesting film that shows flashes of brilliance.


I would love to see what Alastair and his band of cohorts could do with even a fraction of a blockbuster budget.

The Independent Critic

Enjoyable to watch, Railton isn't afraid to take chances. 


"To say we are delighted with Alastair’s work would be an understatement! From the first contact, to our subsequent planning meetings, to the finished product and follow-up, Alastair was professional and creative in his approach. He really listened in order to understand “what was the problem we were trying to solve”, and gave us a stunning finished product. I am so pleased we were able to work with Alastair, and would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants a creative (and sensible) video solution."

Debbie Queen

General Manager


Alastair is a talented professional who shows, not only great skill in filming and editing, but is also an excellent business partner. He shows reliability, professionalism and excellent listening skills. I couldn't recommend him enough.

Seanitta Jones

Business Director

Seanitta Jones Life Coaching

The Better Births Team in Lincolnshire have been delighted to work with Alastair, he has been extremely professional at all times and sensitive to the groups of people within our project. His work is going to be used to showcase the work to a Regional and National audience and already has been praised for its content. We would be very happy to recommend Alastair.

Sue Jarvis

Maternity Transformation Project Manager

Lincolnshire CCG

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