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A highly trained mercenary is led through a series of simulations in order to save his daughter, whilst discovering the unnerving truth about his shrouded past.

As the status quo continues in our world, there are many who would choose to upset the established order. The easiest way, to employ the use of cold blooded and ruthless mercenaries.

Anthony Kelman is one such example, cold and calculating with an exemplary record. But as the seeds of regret begin to take hold and after meeting fellow mercenary Anya Markovic, Anthony begins to feel that his path is set on course for ruin.

He just needs one more job, one more to secure his future. But this last job may prove to be the most challenging as Anthony is led to relive the sins of his past.

Image by Dong Xie



Simon Crudgington

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Anthony Kelman

Anthony is a mercenary and contract killer. He is trained in fighting, use of weapons and being able to calculate and remain calm under pressure. He is money driven and is easily bought by tokens of wealth.


Although coming from a background of low morals, Anthony still maintains a certain sense of morality, he does care about those close to him and this can be both his greatest strength and weakness


Rita Sigmond

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Anya Markovic

Anya is also a mercenary and contract killer. Like Anthony, she has spent her life being sold to the highest bidder to carry out various unspeakable tasks.


Anya tends to steer away from the morality perspective of her job and sees it more as a necessity, for this reason she has less of a conscience towards her actions and therefore is much more reckless than her male counterpart. Her one close attachment is to Anthony. They have worked together many times and have frequently been involved romantically. Because of this, Anya allows her emotions to cloud her judgement.


Howard Davey

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Galloway represents and leads the special operations team, the team tasked with tracking down Zherkezhi and putting an end to his operation.


Galloway is the epitome of mission first. He is a by the book operative, able to detach himself from the feelings and emotions of those around him. He is a firm leader but one that frequently allows his own frustrations to get in the way. He is not a risk taker and resents anyone who challenges his authority.


Carolina Lopes

Olivia Whishaw

Olivia acts as the technician for Galloway’s team, she is highly capable when it comes to technology and is essential to stopping the Zherkezhi plot.


Unlike Galloway and Frazer, Olivia is much more empathetic towards Anthony’s plight. She can see the pain he has gone through and attempts to relate to him on a much more human level.

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Simon Donohue

Frazer Greenwood

Frazer is the youngest member of Galloway’s team. Recruited from the military, Frazer acts as an enforcer. He admires Galloway’s approach to the mission and is inspired to follow the example.

Above all else, Frazer is a soldier capable of killing and willing to follow orders to the letter. In moments where he is given control, he frequently proves that he is not always capable.


Mark Wisdom


Zherkezhi is the primary antagonist of the film. He is driven by a desire to control and manipulate the minds of capable individuals to commit pre-determined acts. Zherkezhi believes, that this will destabilise the world for the better.


False Front represents something in all of us, the good and the bad. It is a journey of redemption and understanding, something we may go through at various points in our lives.


As we see this world unfold before Anthony's eyes we might ask ourselves, could this happen to us?

Alastair Railton, Director & Writer

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